2015 Camp Buehring Cloud Comp!

Posted on July 14, 2015 with 0 Comments

HEY! First ever JUICE FOR TROOPS OVERSEAS CLOUD COMP! Thank you to all who took part in this Event and thank you to all who took time to donate supplies to our Troops to make this possible! WE Thank YOU!


2nd Place Winner! Rommel Montez


1st Place Winner Kenneth Canta


3rd Place Winner James Codington

JFTCamp Buehrin11 JFTCamp Buehring JFTCamp Buehring1 JFTCamp Buehring2 JFTCamp Buehring3jpg JFTCamp Buehring4 JFTCamp Buehring5 JFTCamp Buehring6 JFTCamp Buehring7 JFTCamp Buehring8 JFTCamp Buehring9 JFTCamp Buehring10 JFTCamp Buehring12 JFTCamp Buehring13 JFTCamp Buehring14

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