Juice For Troops

Juice For Troops

Posted on July 27, 2014 with 0 Comments

For many soldiers, war and smoking are inseparable. When you’re on the other side of the planet, away from your town, your family, your friends and everything else you’ve known, it’s tough to feel as one with anything. For many soldiers, smoking becomes the only familiarity they have. This causes many of our nations finest to begin destroying their health to calm their nerves, and “take a break”. But it obviously comes with a cost.

No one needs to discuss the dangers of traditional cigarette smoking, it’s common knowledge now. But there is a new and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are called E-Cigarettes, and they can be significantly less damaging to the body. These electronic alternatives are also called PV’s, or personal vaporizers. They are loaded with various custom flavors, or juices.

Juice For Troops mission is to begin supplying these soldiers, who defend our country, with a safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. We want to enlighten these soldiers to a safer alternative, which will keep them as healthy as possible while abroad, and when they finally get to come home.

Please help us by donating juices, kits or even just a few dollars so we can begin creating a new, safer habit for our war heroes. Those that are fortunate enough to get home safe, deserve to live as long as possible in the nation they fought to keep free.

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